The Evolution of Laboratory Ventilation Design!

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About the Air Infinity

Lab Crafters, the innovators of many high performance ventilated devices, are pleased to introduce the latest evolution in laboratory ventilation safety devices: the Air Infinity™ Ventilated Laboratory Bench. The Air Infinity is a new option for the researchers’ work environment. The Air Infinity Ventilated Laboratory Bench (VLB) is a revolutionary device that can be used as an alternative to a traditional laboratory fume hood. The research based, open architecture of the Air Infinity provides a more ergonomic operating environment for the user, incorporates enhanced safety containment features and it consumes less energy than traditional laboratory fume hoods of comparable size.

Researchers have longed for a ventilation safety device that allows them unrestricted access to their equipment; a device without the ergonomic hindrances of an enclosure. Facility managers have sought a ventilation safety device that does not wastefully consume large volumes of the conditioned air in their lab space; a device that operates, safely, efficiently and is easy to maintain. The answer to these demands has arrived in the form of Lab Crafters Air Infinity ventilated laboratory bench. This product was developed with consultations from world renowned scientists, architects, facilities engineers and environmental health and safety professionals.

Lab Crafters listens and responds to our customers. This corporate philosophy has resulted in numerous award-winning products and projects. Our goal is to design solutions for science. Lab Crafters is on the cutting edge of technological product development and we apply the full breadth of these resources to the benefit of the researcher.
A slotted, ventilated wall has been and continues to be a staple of industrial ventilation. Lab Crafters has taken this simple concept and reengineered it for use in a laboratory environment. The state-of-the-art design of the Air Infinity can meet the ever-changing needs of researchers in a safe, ergonomic workspace. |

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